Shifting Worlds

Such a fancy title but I just realised the last post here was exactly 2 years ago. Time doesn’t really matter that much in the Covid era (although that’s almost over, right?… right? (Insert Padme meme))

With the demise of Twitter (if you didn’t know, it’s a Nazi bar now) the internet feels a little bit more alive again. I’m hanging out on the Mastodon server, but the ActivityPub protocol in general is offering lots of interesting new options to wrest full control away from the big boys of the internet. Given that, I’ll start to revamp this website a little bit, and post longer pieces here, while still continuing my bullshit over on my Mastodon profile (reachable wherever it might be but also via

The last few weeks I’ve been doing some noise-making on Twitch for the StoryCity project (for which I wrote a story many years ago now) which you can find here:

Other than that I’m still writing regularly for Double Helix magazine at CSIRO and having opinions about board games and stuff, which tbh I might start posting here. FAIR WARNING. Also lots of hiking which my lovely partner blogs about here:



Reading List 2017

So I’m being a little more ‘read-y’ this year, and reading books again. I normally get through a book a month for bookclub, and usually do audiobooks, but I decided I have an obscene TBR pile and it needed to be read. They’re all dead-tree books too, which I find helps me focus on reading instead of multi-tasking on my iDevice all the time.

Anyway, to that end, I’m writing down all the books I’m reading this year as I read ’em. Because opinions come to me easily I’ll probably review them and link the review to here or something. We shall see. Whatever! You’re not my dad.

Click through below for my progress so far.

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Reviewing Sonos, or “I want to build a stereo system out of Lego and I have too much cash!”

Reviewing the Sonos is overdue. I’ve had a Sonos system since early 2013 and, well, I know reviews are supposed to tease you all the way to the end of the many thousands of words I’m writing for free…

…the long and the short of it is that Sonos is freakin’ awesome and if you can afford to buy into it you should.

Bear in mind this isn’t so much of a proper review as it is an embarrassing admission to how many of these things I ended up buying.

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I didn’t do a best of 2015 post because it wasn’t a great year (though I actually did accomplish a bunch). I’m not doing a best of 2016 post either because fuck 2016. My mother died unexpectedly in September and it was a bit of a bummer, and I’ve not forgiven the year. Let’s see what 2017 brings.

Just in Time: The Pebble Time Steel Review

A lot of people enjoyed my original Pebble review (way back when), so I thought I’d try to do my new Pebble Time Steel some justice.

I’m a special flower, as a double Kickstarter supporter, so my edition of the Pebble Time Steel has a nice ‘Champion!’ engraving and trophy on the back.

Some Context

We’re not comparing Pebble Time Steel to Apple Watch here, since there is no point. Apple Watch integrates better with my iPhone, works better, looks better, costs twice as much, and has no always-on screen or comparable battery life, I can’t officially swim with it… So it’s all about compromise. My context for reviewing this watch is:

  • I can’t afford Apple Watch
  • I will buy Apple Watch v2 hardware (sorry Pebble, but you are on … borrowed Time)
  • I loved Pebble despite its limitations and wore the black thing for years.


If you don’t want to read the whole review, let me tl;dr it for you here:

  • If you liked Pebble, Pebble Time Steel is so much better looking and functioning that you should definitely upgrade.
  • If you can’t afford an Apple Watch or are on the Android system (why?) and you value battery life over fancy shit like ‘touch screens’ then definitely get this watch.

For the full review, read on.

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It’s All About The Words – Notes

Today I am going/went to the State Library to talk about where ideas come from. That makes this something like Schroedinger’s post, since I’m writing these notes out for attendees a few hours before the actual event! Is it a post that’s happening now? Is it a post that’s about to happen? We just can’t tell.

However, as I’ve undoubtedly already said on the panel, this is a lot easier than remembering links.

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