Just an aside… On Domain Names

Ok, there aren’t a lot of Tom Dullemonds in the world. Not a lot of Dullemonds at all, actually. Probably for the best that way.

I did discover a Tomas Dullemond from Germany, in the early 2000s, when I tried to acquire http://www.tomdullemond.com with no success [Edit: I do believe I was confused and meant the http://www.dullemond.com website instead, which is cybersquatted by some domain buying group that quoted me $700+ to buy it; I laughed at them, long and hard.]. I sort of watched it become neglected (it redirected to the gentleman’s business account), and eventually forgot about it.

Well forget about it no longer, folks! On a random whim I checked and http://www.tomdullemond.com is available! Oh Emm Gee, y’all!

So I have now acquired said site. It just redirects to this blog for now, but I thought I’d share the moment. This is pretty exciting for me, because for anyone who does a bit of writing on the side, it’s important to have an easily remembered site URL.

Agreed, you still have to remember how to spell my surname, but hell, we can’t have everything…

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