Fablecroft’s ‘Insert Title Here’ coming out soon

Fablecroft is launching their slightly delayed new anthology, ‘Insert Title Here’, and I have a strange story about giant island fishes and political corruption in it, with a little bit of a throwout to the Voyage of Saint Brendan:

The earliest extant version of The Voyage of Saint Brendan was recorded around AD 900. There are over 100 manuscripts of the story across Europe, as well as many additional translations. The Voyage of Saint Brendan is an overtly Christian narrative, but also contains narratives of natural phenomena and fantastical events and places, which appealed to a broad populace.

My story is called ‘The Final Voyage of Saint Brendan‘, and postulates that the entire city of London was rebuilt on the back of the Jasconius island fish mentioned in the original poem. Fast forward a few centuries and things go awry, as they say.

Katharine over at Ventureadlaxre got her hands on an early proof and reviewed the stories within. Of my little contribution she comments:

This [is] another short piece that packs a good punch, grim and dark but feeling completely right in the actions they take. This reminds me a little of one of the more recent Doctor Who episodes, in the best of ways.

I’ll happily take that, thanks Katharine! It’s always rewarding when someone enjoys something you’ve written.

Read about all the stories here: https://ventureadlaxre.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/review-insert-title-here-edited-by-tehani-wessely/


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