Shifting Worlds

Such a fancy title but I just realised the last post here was exactly 2 years ago. Time doesn’t really matter that much in the Covid era (although that’s almost over, right?… right? (Insert Padme meme))

With the demise of Twitter (if you didn’t know, it’s a Nazi bar now) the internet feels a little bit more alive again. I’m hanging out on the Mastodon server, but the ActivityPub protocol in general is offering lots of interesting new options to wrest full control away from the big boys of the internet. Given that, I’ll start to revamp this website a little bit, and post longer pieces here, while still continuing my bullshit over on my Mastodon profile (reachable wherever it might be but also via

The last few weeks I’ve been doing some noise-making on Twitch for the StoryCity project (for which I wrote a story many years ago now) which you can find here:

Other than that I’m still writing regularly for Double Helix magazine at CSIRO and having opinions about board games and stuff, which tbh I might start posting here. FAIR WARNING. Also lots of hiking which my lovely partner blogs about here:



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