Tom Dullemond stumbled out of university with a double degree in Medieval/Renaissance studies and Software Engineering. One of these degrees got him a job and he has been writing and working in IT ever since.

Tom co-authored the middle-grade philosophical fantasy novel, ‘The Machine Who Was Also a Boy‘, and has sold short fiction to magazines as varied as Antipodes, Betwixt, Aurealis, and SQ Mag, as well as to a handful of anthologies. He writes a regular flash science fiction column for the CSIRO’s Double Helix science magazine, is an active committee member of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, and is co-director of the writing business management web site Literarium (www.literarium.net)

Poly geek, writer, IT nerd, skeptic and reluctant cultist of the Great Old Ones.

Find me on Mastodon if you want to chat!

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