This page is a work in progress as I try to collate the handful of stories/work that I’ve had published.

The Killblaine Legacy

Sept 2018, Comedy Fantasy short fiction – published in ‘A Hand of Knaves’ by CSFG

The Multiplication

Sept 2017, Weird SF short fiction – published in ‘Ride the Star Wind’ by Broken Eye Press

It Couldn’t Be

August 2016, Literary response micro fiction – published in ‘The Heart is an Echo Chamber’ by eMergent Publishing.

One Life, No Respawns

July 2016, Military SF – published in ‘At The Edge’ by Paper Road Press

The Last Voyage of Saint Brendan

April 2015, Alternate History Fantasy short story – published in ‘Insert Title Here’ by Fablecroft

Black Sunflowers

TBA, Fantasy Horror short story – to be published in ‘Unfettered’ by Tiny Owl Workshop

Would to God That We Were There

September 2014, SF Horror short story – published in ‘Suspended in Dusk’ by Books of the Dead Press

The Final Voyage of Saint Brendan

April 2015, Fantasy Short story – published in Insert Title Here

Population Management

October 2012, SF Horror short story – published in Danse Macabre by EDGE SF/Fantasy Publishing, reprinted in Year’s Best Australian Horror and Fantasy 2012

The Twilight Dream

September 2012, Horror short fiction – published in From Stage Door Shadows anthology

Tape Found in An Abandoned Warehouse

2003, Lovecraftian-Comedy short fiction – published in Hastur! Pussycat! Kill, Kill! anthology (limited h/c distribution)


October 2003, Fantasy-Comedy flash fiction – published in Glimpses, Vision Writers Group anthology

Lure of the Sack

June 2002, Fantasy-Comedy novella – published in AustrAlien Absurdities anthology

The Eternal Reward

January 3, 2002, Fantasy-Comedy short fiction – published in the Heaven and Hell anthology

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