This page is a work in progress as I try to collate the handful of stories/work that I’ve had published.


November 2021, Post-Apocalyptic Climate Fiction – published in Etherea Magazine issue 4. 

Colony Collapse

December 2020, Horror Fiction Short story – published in Midnight Echo 15 (the issue won a Shadow award!)

LIfting the Veil

June 2017, Literary Short story – published in Volume 31, Issue 1.

Risk Analysis

May 2016, SF/Horror Short story – published in SQ Mag Issue #26.

The Planetary Survey

February 2016, SF/Comedy Short story – published in Aurealis Issue #88.

The Stitchcancer Poppet

November 2015, Fantasy/Noir Short story – published in FictionVale’s Mystery/Suspense/Fantasy issue.

The Seedborn Revolution

June 2015, Post-Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy – published in Betwixt Issue 8

Materiality: Precious

March 2014, A piece on love letters – published in Materiality magazine.

Personal Space

May 29, 2001, SF flash fiction – published online in Antipodean SF (Issue 39)

Hell Planet

October 22, 2000 – SF flash fiction – published online in Antipodean SF (Issue 32)


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