I didn’t do a best of 2015 post because it wasn’t a great year (though I actually did accomplish a bunch). I’m not doing a best of 2016 post either because fuck 2016. My mother died unexpectedly in September and it was a bit of a bummer, and I’ve not forgiven the year. Let’s see what 2017 brings.


Spider: A Horror in Three Parts, or The True Story of Spider

I don’t like spiders.

Well, what does that mean, really? I should paraphrase and say that I don’t like things larger than about an inch across, that are brown or dark brown, and that move rapidly from point to point, out of the corner of my eye. The visuals are of primary importance, and although of course sound can be terrifying, too, the revolting susurrus of chitinous legs scrabbling around the cornices of a room and across my expensive electronic equipment is usually drowned out by the dull, terrified beating of my heart.

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My buddy rants about paranoia and children

My friend Nick (@galercristo) ranted at me this morning about the way society was treating children, and I encouraged him to rantify it a little more. It’s on google+ but I have no idea how to link to a post in there, so instead it’s coming to you old skool style, via this blog.

Read on, I command it:

Here is my Rant – some have already been subjected to it, but tough

I took Alex and will to their first gymnastics lesson on sat.
The boys were bloody amazing
Alex free climbed the “rope climb” (aka the big rope hanging from the ceiling) all the way to the bloody top – that’s 6 Meters!!!

I could never bloody do that.

Will needs to get some confidence up, he doing a lot of it but he wants the cute teacher to hold his hand help him etcetera. Either that or he’s just a ladies’ man and he is workin’ it!’


However I got cranky at society. Here I am seeing my kids do awesome things and I am not allowed to take photos without a fucking permission slip. All because our society see’s paedophiles behind every camera . FUCK ME. What really concerns me is that to think that those parents had to have already sexualised their children in their minds before they could think that way.

All I see is kids.

The other day Alex was holding hands with a girl at his after school club. This girl is a family friend and was feeling sick. One teacher had to be told that they were cousins because she was concerned that they would get up to ‘Hanky panky’ FUUUUUUCKK

They are fucking 6 year olds.


I hate society sometimes. Rant over

Autism: an Observation

He's a happy kid.

My son Marcus is turning 5 the day after Valentine’s day, and was diagnosed as autistic a few months ago, in late 2010.

That diagnosis isn’t something he’s noticed, but it helps me  focus my attention onto behaviours that otherwise might have slipped notice.

Autistic kids have difficulty with social interaction, being generally more literally minded. This manifests itself in different ways, but many of the common clues, such as avoiding eye contact or a broad lack of empathy, have never really been an issue with Marcus. It was really only recently that I noticed how it manifested itself in my son, outside of a general preference to play by himself instead of with others: I noticed he often fakes his way through social interaction, by applying rote templates that he’s picked up contextually, which are then applied to situations based on cues he registers from the people around him.

Strangers (friends of mum and dad) arrive at the front door, and he greets them excitedly with ‘Hi guys!’ but he doesn’t grasp what that means, other than how it fits in that social context: people appear, so you say ‘hello’. Dad looks like he’s packing one of two bags that he takes with him when he leaves the house? ‘Bye dad! Seeya later!’ (Everything he says has exclamation points in it, just so you know).

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