I didn’t do a best of 2015 post because it wasn’t a great year (though I actually did accomplish a bunch). I’m not doing a best of 2016 post either because fuck 2016. My mother died unexpectedly in September and it was a bit of a bummer, and I’ve not forgiven the year. Let’s see what 2017 brings.


‘Suspended in Dusk’ launched!

Suspended in Dusk CoverSuspended in Dusk is finally out! My writing pal Simon Dewar collected and edited this despite all the exciting pitfalls of ‘My First Anthology Project’ and while eyeing off the impending Twinpocalypse looming down on his family. There are a bunch of amazing authors in here who are much more famous than I, and so my path to glory on the coattails of my peers continues. *coughs*

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2013 In Review (or ‘Please Fuck Off and Die in a Gutter, 2013’)

What a year! A year of professional triumphs and personal failures. And at the end of the year, just before writing this post, I saw this entertaining aphorism pass by my twitter feed:

Always give your all. If you set yourself up for failure, make sure your failures are spectacular.

– via @Pribblicious

I ran through my memory and photo album to highlight all my achievements and failings of the year 2013. Read on, stalkers!

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