Engagements and Work

Appearance/Speaking/Commission Rates

These rates are listed here to provide you with a rough overview of costs. Please note that all these prices are negotiable (for non-profits, etc). Conversely, sometimes due to schedule conflicts I may not be able to attend your event regardless of the fee (I have a day job in IT as well as parental duties).

All prices include GST and are in Australian Pesos. Check the Australian Society of Authors Appearance Rates page for some background: https://www.asauthors.org/findananswer/rates-of-pay/rates-of-pay


I have held workshops for middle graders and younger on how to write SF for the Square Library. My rates are $300 for a 45 min workshop (total 1 hour incl setup and greetings and Q&A) followed by an optional hour of more informal Q&A or meet-and-great or simply socialising at no additional cost.

Ask me what you’d like me to help teach, you’d be surprised what I can do, and I’ll be honest with you if I can’t do it.


I have a lot of opinions (see my reviews!) and am happy to speak on topics as diverse on why I hate Interstellar all the way through to how to get your head around regular submissions and the slushpile, or on how to run a successful role playing game for ten teenagers. My speaking rates are the same as the Workshop rates.


I’m available for panels to discuss writing, the writing experience, or anything else you may feel I can contribute to. My panel appearance fee is in line with the Australian Society of Authors recommended fee of $150 (for some reason they recommend $147.50…?)


I am able to write commissioned works depending on your requirements. Rights for commissioned work grant you first worldwide publication rights (this means I can still try to have it include in reprint collections and magazine, I just can’t publish it originally). Moral rights (ie. the right to be identified as the Author) remain with me. That just means you can’t pretend you wrote it, which I hope is cool. I don’t offer ghostwriting at this time.

I charge 50c a word up to 2,000 words. If I go over 2,000 words I won’t charge you more!

Q: Why so expensive!? 5c a word is a wealth for short fiction writers like you!

A: Well, sure, but that’s when I’m begging someone to accept my work. If you want me to do something for you specifically on your schedule to your requirements, that’s ok, but it takes me away from working on my own projects.

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