Excerpts – Tape Found in an Abandoned Warehouse

Tape Found in an Abandoned Warehouse

First published in Hastur, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, 2003.

“Well, Yog-Sothoth on keyboards was a change for these guys.  Remember when He was the percussionist?”

“Yeah, but hey, I’m only a radio DJ, Jim, so don’t get me into an argument over that.  I’ve heard people say they swapped Him around and sold out to get in with the big labels, but I stay right outta these things.  I spin tracks, I don’t worship bands.  Speaking of which, there’s been a fair amount of controversy – I recall a scandal with some groupies back in the early nineties…?”

“You watch it, Frank.  I’ve been talking to their PR officer and road manager—”

“For the listeners, that’s Gnarly Totem, or something, right?”

“Close enough.  He assures me that whole incident was blown out of proportion.”

<shuffling papers>  “All right.  Well, I’ve read stories about virgins throwing themselves at the bandmembers – do you think that’s any different than the treatment the Rolling Stones got?  Or the Beatles?”

Get the rest here or the whole bundle here.


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