The Moral Vacuum of the Star Wars – The Clone Wars CG Series

It’s come to this. Brief comments about this show on Twitter, sparking the occasional brief conversation, will no longer suffice to contain my concerns. It has to be…a blog post.

I want to address a glaring omission from the new Clone Wars series. Having seen the first three series in their entirety I feel qualified to make this critique: droids in this show are treated worse than slaves, worse than bicycles and stereos, which at least garner some kind of emotional attachment from their owners.

I watched countless episode after countless episode where battle droids of various flavours clearly show emotions; hope, fear, dreams of the future; even some primitive forms of slapstick comedy (AI is tough, ok?). And yet the heroes of this show, our heroes, ceaselessly, mindlessly and brutally slaughter these droids in every possible way, viciously slashing them into tiny steaming molten metal pieces, sometimes mere seconds after they’ve expressed some kind of private, personal concern.

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